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5SOS: *gets called a boy band*
ATL: *becomes super good friends with 5SOS*
Alexander DeLeon: *Becomes friends with them, invites them to parties*
Alex Gaskarth: *helps them write a song*
Benji & Joel Madden: *writes a song for them*
Kellin Quinn: *tweets the band*
Jenna McDougall: *friends with 5SOS*
Josh Ramsay: *wants to hang out with Luke*
Pete Wentz: *Tweets Ashton*
Austin Carlile: *tweets Michael*
Aaron Pauley: *wants to hang out with Michael*
Jack Barakat: *calls 5SOS punk pop*
5SOSFam: *laughs at the dumbass who called them a boyband*

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'I wish that I was 18...'